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Our plan purpose is to predetermine actions to be taken by government agencies and private organizations of Avery County to reduce the vulnerabilities of people and property to disaster and define capabilities to respond effectively to the actual occurrence of a disaster.

Using our plan in this electronic form is like using any web page.

Database security is important and you are assigned a security "level" by Emergency Management. Access to the database is restricted.

There are several special functions to help you. Linked text will take you to another portion of the document, to another document or more information available on the internet. The User Manual or Help section will give you general guidance. Search is another special function that helps you locate documents that contain words or phrases you may be looking for (i.e. ordinance). Forms that are commonly used in Emergency Management, Incident Command and Recovery Operations are found under the Forms menu.

If you experience any technical difficulty using the plan or wish to provide recommendations for corrections or modifications, please contact Avery County Emergency Management.


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